Cindy Brandle Dance Company presents:

Project Human

August 20 and 21, 2021

Conceived and Directed by Cindy Brandle

Choreography by Cindy Brandle and dancers

Sound score composed by Barry Bennett

Films produced and edited by Cindy Brandle

Costumes by Jessica Riggs and dancers

Lighting design by Craig A. Bushman


Michelle Bernier, Diana Drummond, Kelly King, Marisa Malzone, Anna Potter,

Jessica Riggs, Ariana Stout, Mia Wilborne

Poetry by: Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish, Hayden Dansky

Guest Artists:

Angie Simmons, Evolving Doors Dance

Vivian Kim and Keith Haynes, VisKosity Dance Collective

Community Cast:

Cassidy Clark, Maria Lindsey, Timothy Bruno, Riley Bartlett, Chris Walters, Laura Morales,

Kaitlyn Bertrand, Kia Boyd, and Cami Serrano

Project Human is supported by:

Boulder Arts Commission

Boulder County Arts Alliance

Kinesis Dance

And many generous individuals

Project Human is 68 minutes with no intermission.

Show Order:

1. Building a Collective (Performed by The Company)

2. Still Stepping Forward (A Film featuring Vivian Kim and Keith Haynes with poetry by Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish)

3. This Common Earth (Performed by Diana Drummond)

4. A Wave Is A Way For The Water To Be For Just A While (A film featuring Anna Potter)

5. Two by Two (Performed by The Company)

6. Blade Ladders (Performed by The Company, with poetry by Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish)

7. The Countdown (A film featuring Angie Simmons)

8. Imprints of the Soul (Performed by Michelle Bernier, Anna Potter, Jessica Riggs, Arianna Stout)

9. Dance Like Your Body (A film featuring the Community Cast, with poetry by Hayden Dansky)

10. It Comes In Waves (Performed by The Company)

11. Poetry In Motion (A film featuring The Poets)

12. Bodies Deserving Of Space (Performed by Marisa Malzone, Mia Wilborne)

13. Return to the Ocean (Performed by The Company)