Project Human -- 2021 (Boulder )

From The Ashes -- 2020 (Boulder)

A World On Fire -- 2019 (Boulder)

The Process of Navigation (or how to move through life relatively intact) --2018 (Boulder)

Revealed -- 2017 (Boulder)

In the Absence of Clarity -- 2015 (Boulder)

In Transit --2014 (Boulder)

The Relationship Project -- 2010 (Chicago), 2011 (Boulder)

Searching for SuperGirl -- 2009 (Chicago)

The Numb Project - - 2008 (Chicago)

When Water Falls -- 2006 (Chicago)

In the Eye of Stillness --2005 (Chicago)

Past and current ensemble members: Emily Pietruszka, Gretchen LaBorwit, Elizabeth Capps, Tara Oldfield, Angie Simmons, Leslie Merrill, Dawn Hartman, Jesse Werner, Shanna Woods, Kaila June Gidley, Susan Hoffman Wiberg, Jessica Garcia, Kelsey Kempfer, Cindy Brandle, Karla Beltchenko, Adriana Marcial, Kendra Foss, Wendy Taylor-Appling, Mindy Meyers, Amanda White, Jessica Young, Andrea Cerniglia, Jessica Wright, Christine Benson, Summer Breal, Erica Lizotte, Katie Pavlik, Alitra Cartman, Michelle Scurlock, Genevieve Garcia, M.K. Victorson, Jen Fagan Archer, Elizabeth Lentz-Hill, *Arianna Stout, Bridget Heddens, Erin Tunbridge, Mary Willmeng, Nicole Zozulia, Ali Weeks, *Jessica Riggs, Victoria Stone, Madison Plummer, Vivian Kim, Claire Kendall, *Diana Drummond, Alex Tomassian, *Kelly King, Keith Haynes, Becky Rooney, *Mia Wilborne, *Anna Potter, *Michelle Bernier, *Marisa Malzone

Past collaborators: Barry Bennett (composer), Kat Fitzgerald (photographer), Peter Holderness (photographer), Carl Weidemann (film), Greg Gerhard (film), Atalee Judy (film), Heather Gray (Photographer), Leslie Merrill (film), David Jordan (film) Jamie Breeck (costumes), Colin Bunting (Costumes) Sabrina Cavins (film), Madison Plummer (video), Lucas Dimoveo (Video)

*Current Members