mission statement/history

Cindy Brandle Dance Company, officially formed in 2005, is under the Artistic Direction of Cindy Brandle. CBDC’s goals are to create innovative and intimate work relevant to society and the world we inhabit, present dance at its highest quality, and encourage our audience to experience modern dance with open and accepting eyes. Influenced by human nature and events of the world unfolding around us, CBDC strives to create dances reflecting our times by engaging the audience with athletic, compassionate, and vigorous choreography.

Ms. Brandle and CBDC have been on a very specific trajectory and, to this date, have followed it successfully. Since 2004 Ms. Brandle and CBDC have created twelve evening-length concerts to critical acclaim. The Artistic Director's goal is to continue to delve into evenings of work based on a singular theme and to take the audience through an emotional journey. Brandle was a grateful Artist-In-Residence at Hamlin Park through the Chicago Moving Company for five years. From April 1995 to August 2004, Brandle danced for CMC and served as Co-Artistic Director for the last five of those years. In 1999 and 2006, she received a fellowship for choreography from the Illinois Arts Council and has been awarded three CAAP grants from the City of Chicago. CBDC has also received funding from the Illinois Arts Council for their concert works, “In the Eye of Stillness”(2005) and "Searching for SuperGirl" (2009). Her work has been presented throughout Chicago, the Midwest, and Colorado and internationally in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Brazil. In November 2001, Brandle’s choreography was presented at the XXII INBA/UAM Choreographic Festival in Mexico City.