Cindy Brandle Dance Company Profiles 2020-2021

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Cindy Brandle, Artistic Director

Cindy will be looking for dancers/collaborting artists to create a new show in NYC! Stay tuned!

Dance Artists and Guest Artists 2021

Diana Drummond, Dancer

Vivian Kim, Co-Director of VisKosity Dance Collective

Mia Wilborne, Dancer

Keith Haynes, Co-Director of VisKosity Dance Collective

Marisa Malzone, Dancer

Barry Bennett, Composer

Arianna Stout, Dancer

Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, Poet

Michelle Bernier, Dancer

Hayden Dansky, Poet

Jessica Riggs, Dancer

Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish, Poet

Angie Simmons, Director of Evolving doors Dance