arianna stout (dancer, artistic collaborator, rehearsal director)

As a small child regularly witnessing native dance ceremonies, Arianna was mesmerized by watching/feeling the rhythmic footwork of moccasins and bare feet on earth. In subsequent childhood years, she studied ballet and jazz, although she discovered her true passion when she had her own opportunity to dance barefoot to live accompaniment for the first time. Modern dance became the thread of her youth and major in college, accompanied by kinesiological studies. Arianna's love of movement informed her Pilates and Massage Therapy careers; she has practiced both modalities throughout the states and Europe. She finds the work of teaching rehabilitative, functional, aligning movement patterns to her clientele incredibly rewarding, and is continually inspired by the process. Arianna has danced with CBDC since 2017 and has been thrilled to participate in the creative and kind dance community of Boulder. Beyond dancing and teaching, she can be found backpacking, expedition canoeing/kayaking, and doing photography on various wilderness adventures with her wonderful husband and two spirited boys.