Cindy Brandle's Advanced Modern Technique is an amazing class! What I love most was the opportunity to truly connect with my center through exercises that explore the sacrum, pelvis connection. By the end of her class, I could feel my abdominals working in a very natural way that I did not have to over think. Using clear descriptions and thoughtful imagery, Cindy guides students through a balanced warm-up and into lively combinations that are fun to dance. If you like flying through space and developing body awareness, you'll love Cindy's class!

~Sabrina Cavins, MFA Candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder, dept. of theatre and dance

Cindy's technique is founded on release-based ideas with an intensely athletic and gut-deep vocabulary. She requires an absolute strength in the body’s core and demands an intentionally weighted movement quality. Her classes are designed in a flow of warming the body, rigorous technique combinations then quickly followed by aerobic choreography sequences. She steadily pushes the boundaries of normal movement and the class time is always well spent on both instruction and exploration.

~ Kendra Hanlon Foss, former CBDC dancer, and CBDC Board Member

Her classes have a nice balance of seriousness and sense of humor. Indeed, just before she pushes us to reach more deeply into our bodies, she’ll crack some joke, or share a funny story, or make a hilarious self-deprecating comment. The class is collegial and inviting.

~ Carmen Marti, CBDC Board Member and class participant

Her dance classes are welcoming, technically challenging, athletic and fun. She can inspire the best in her students because she cares about them not only as dancers but also as people. Cindy affects the world around her in a positive way.

~ Wendy Taylor-Appling, Founding CBDC dancer

Cindy is an extraordinary teacher who had a large following here in Chicago. She has good knowledge of the elements that enable a dancer to achieve a high level of excellence, and as movement invention is also one of her greatest assets, her combinations are fun as well as instructive. She teaches the students to come from their internal energetic flow, to connect that to their sense of athleticism and inspires as she teaches with great joy, passion, high energy and with love for her students.

~ Nana Shineflug, Artistic Director of the long-running Chicago Moving Co