Arianna is a CBDC company member, Pilates instructor, Massage Therapist, and mom. Her love of movement has been a driving force in personal life and careers since childhood. She continually marvels at how a proficient mover creates art by conveying musicality, emotion, and stories through physical expression. Arianna has a passion for helping students of all ages become aware of movement origins and structural integrity so their dancing is fully embodied. She loves sharing the skills that empower a dancer to be stronger, safer, and both access and present the depth of their abilities.

Pilates and Movement Mechanics for Dancers:

This is a movement dexterity and conditioning course, full of strength and alignment exercises specific to a dancer's training. There will be a progression of (magical) skill work that will be linked directly to the technique and concepts of a dance class. One's ability to dance from internal timing versus movement mimicry will be heightened and useful in every movement form you undertake. This is a fun, challenging, and eye opening class that will provide you with lasting knowledge, access to your own strength and a number of movement secrets.