Cindy Brandle Dance Company


Letter of Agreement between the Cindy Brandle Dance Company (CBDC)

And the Amazing College, Fine Arts and Dance Department (Presenter)

CBDC agrees to:

  1. Conduct a performance workshop for dancers and non-dancers over the course of 4 consecutive days culminating in a finished product/piece to be presented in the CBDC concert held at the conclusion of the residency. The workshop would be led by Artistic Director Cindy Brandle and assisted by members of CBDC. The workshop should be 3 hours each day.
  2. Teach beginning/intermediate/advanced modern dance classes. Classes to be led by master teacher Cindy Brandle and experienced CBDC teaching artists.
  3. Perform an evening-length concert in CBDC’s repertory.
  4. Provide an evening of questions and answers regarding how to pursue a career in dance, arts administration, and arts education.
  5. The project will take place in March, 2005 (Dates to be confirmed by Jane Doe College of Fine Arts and CBDC)

Presenter will:

  1. Schedule the project within the school with all participating students.
  2. Fully inform the school of the program, performance and exact meeting times.
  3. Provide a final schedule to CBDC as soon as available
  4. Provide a large, cleared space for the workshops and classes
  5. Provide technical assistance in the form of stagehands, video equipment (if available), sound system (cd player with speakers), lighting equipment (board, lights, etc) for the final performance
  6. Publicize both the performance workshop and final performance via flyers, posters, newspapers, social media, etc.
  7. Provide an adequate space (preferably a theatre and lighting designer) for the final performance by CBDC and participants of the performance workshop.
  8. Provide dressing rooms and rehearsal space for CBDC’s performance.
  9. For the entire project pay a fee of $8000. ½ of the payment shall be remitted to CBDC one month prior to the residency with the 2nd half given to the Artistic Director (Cindy Brandle) on-site on the final program day. Fee is negotiable with alterations of the program.

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