School and community Residencies

CBDC is available to lead one day, week or m residencies throughout Colorado and beyond. Residencies can be comprised of several elements, including movement classes, teacher-training programs, opportunities for student performances and company concerts.

CBDC can work with children of all abilities (wheelchair-bound, cognitive and developmental delays, and children on the spectrum) working in rural and urban communities. CBDC can tailor their teaching residency to fit the specific needs of each school’s desires by teaching curriculum-related workshops focusing on subjects ranging from mathematics and science to cultural studies and reading. CBDC can also lead workshops based on the basic elements of dance (lines in space, qualities of motions, shape studies, movement inventions and improvisation).

Student and adult Community Performance Opportunities:

“Crossings” is a movement-performance work created by members of the school and/or community under the guidance of Cindy Brandle, Artistic Director of CBDC. Anyone who likes to create, move and have a great time is eligible. Culminating into a final performance, “Crossings” lets the participants have a hand in the choreography.

For more information on the Cindy Brandle Dance Company please phone or email

Cindy Brandle.

(312) 217-1230