Call for Poets/Storytellers

CBDC seeks poets and storytellers who are interested in sharing their work in relation to their upcoming premiere work “A World On Fire”. Opening in April, 2019, CBDC’s “A World On Fire” will explore the subject of social privilege through the medium of live dance performance - social privilege in terms of racial, socioeconomic, religious, LGBTQ, and gender issues, as well as how these issues interact with and are nested inside of one another. Before starting the choreographic process, Ms. Brandle will reach out to people both locally and across the nation asking them to share the effects of social privilege on their lives. These stories will act as a foundation on which she builds the show’s movement vocabulary. To create a clear context for the choreography, text from these shared stories will be layered over an instrumental music score; local poets might perform live; and short film clips of people telling their stories will be interspersed throughout the dance concert. In addition, CBDC will work with award winning videographer, Madison Plummer, to create original dance-for-camera films, which will also accompany the live performance. Beyond the live performances that will be performed at the Dairy Arts Center on April 19, 20, 21 of 2019, the Cindy Brandle Company will also facilitate movement workshops that will work in tandem with spoken word workshops. Finally, CBDC will develop an open source library for the text created by those project participants who would like to see their work live beyond the live performances and educational workshops.

*There is no compensation (at the moment) for these stories. We sincerely hope to provide some type of compensation, but we are currently waiting to hear if we've been awarded grants applied for this project.

*Must be willing to share on stage and through the open source library

*Must be free of extreme expletives to meet a “general audience” rating

*You will be credited as a collaborator for the project

Submission deadline: Extended to October 8

Decisions will be made by: October 15

Send submissions to